• the neighbourhood of the settlement is a designed Park of Puszcza Napiwodzko-Ramucka;
  • in the area development plan of the Province Grom (Elganowo) is considered to be a health resort;
  • there are layers of natural mineral waters of good quality in the neighbourhood;
  • there is a possibility to build a sewage treatment plant near the house;
  • location in the direct neighbourhood of two lakes: Gromskie and Leleskie;
  • the building site is located in a big forest complex;
  • dynamic relief;
  • there is a main water parting in the area; between the river basin of the Pregoła (river valleys of Leleskie Lake) and the river basin of the Vistula.
  • Access road in a good condition;
  • 7 km from Pasym, the base of the town and the commune, in which all basic services are located;
  • 12 km from Szczytno;
  • 38 km from Olsztyn;
  • 20 km from the airport of Szymany near Szczytno.



This is a lake on Pojezierze Olsztyńskie. Its area is 429,0 ha, including 5,5, ha of islands. It is a very deep lake of average depth 12,1 m and maximum depth - almost 50 m (49,5).  The maximum length is 4050 m, and width 1425 m. In 45% it is surrounded by forests and wooded areas.

Because the lake is full of different fishes as well as it is clean and the environment is not disturbed, Leleskie Lake is considered to be one of the most precious and attractive fisheries.
Picturesque location, convenient access roads, accessible shores and numerous bathing places make Leleskie Lake an area of great recreational virtues.
There is also a canoe route running through the area "Omulew Lake- Wielbark - Pasym  - Barczewo - Olsztyn".




A lake located on the border between Pojezierze  Mrągowskie and Olsztyńskie. Its area is 243, 2 ha, including 240,0 ha of the surface of water and 3,2 ha of islands. Maximum depth of the lake is 2 600 m and width - 1 100 m.
The shoreline of the southern part is very diversified (numerous bays and 3 islands).
65% of the neighbourhood of Gromskie Lake are forests and wooded areas. The lake has a tiny outlet along stream Grom to the Saska River.
Gromskie Lake is a well-known and attractive fishery full of  pikes, perches, big breams and reaches as well as tenches


Both lakes: Leleskie and Gromskie are very precious objects of nature valued for recreational and fishing virtues.

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