• located on a clearing in Puszcza Piska (Forest of Pisz);
  • between Szczytno and Mrągowo in the Province of Warmia and Mazury;
  • edge of a little picturesque Mazurian village;
  • building plots located on the area of great landscape and ecological virtues;
  • building plots located in a certain distance from the inforest lake Nożyce;
  • with an authorised local plan of area development designed for provision of housing;
  • designed media;
  • possibility of organising monitoring and guard;
  • 1 km from the reserve of beavers;
  • 7 km from a canoe route on the Krutynia;
  • 31 km the airport in Szymany near Szczytno;
  • 40 km from Ruciane-Nida, 45 km from Mikołajki (Great Lakes of Mazury trail);
  • 70 km from Olsztyn.


The village of Powałczyn – commune Świętajno

A typical village for the region of Mazury located within Równina Mazurska (Plain of Mazury). The area is slightly rolling, the village is surrounded by coniferous forests with the majority of pines.

The properties within the Mazurian Settlement are located within 1 km from Powałczyn, in a certain distance from the inforest lake Nożyce. The access road is a solid road, partly surfaced.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of Mazurian Settlement is its neighbourhood. It is located near a big and thick complex of forests which are part of Puszcza Piska, and in which we can find recreational inforest lakes attractive because of beautiful landscapes. West of the area of the Mazurian Settlement there is an inforest lake called Nożyce (Głębokie). Due to the fact that the properties are located among forests and there are good access roads to them all the year round, they are considered to be very attractive, especially if we take into account the fact that there are fewer and fewer possibilities of setting new recreational areas of virtues typical for Mazury.


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